Committees Open to Public

To ensure F3ST continues to thrive, we are forming three new committees that are open to board members, advisory council members and the community. If you have an interest in getting involved with F3ST in this way, let Beth know.

Strategic Planning – What is our role with the trail? Are we facilitators, trail builders, promoters, easement holders, fundraisers? This committee will determine what our strengths are, what we are capable of and where we should invest our time and efforts to get the trail completed in 10 years.

Equity – Following current philosophies of diversity, inclusion and equity, this committee will look at the diversity of our organization and determine if there needs to be change and how to bring about that change. Our procedures and environment will be reviewed to make sure everyone feels welcome and comfortable. Finally, the committee will see that our policies ensure everyone is given a fair chance at opportunities. This committee will also look at how to increase use of our trails by diverse users.

Governance – Now that we have been operating almost 2 years, our by-laws need to be reviewed. Some tweaks are needed, like staggering terms and maybe more complicated items.