Combined Board Meeting

F3ST met with Friends of Lake James State Park for their August 19 Board Meeting. The meeting started with a tour of the Lake James State Park Visitor Center by Superintendent Nora Coffey. The mall hall entrance of the new visitor center will include the educational exhibits – instead of being stuck in a room that may be missed. FFST will also be in the main hall – lines on the floor will represent different roads and trails.

After the tour, members gathered for dinner and the bulk of the meeting at under a Paddy’s Creek picnic shelter for updates from F3ST President Bob Hunter.

The grand event for the evening was a boat ride out to the 250-foot Cove Bridge that will be FFST. During this time, updates were given by Shane Prisby, Eric Jenkins, and Andrew Kota.

The idea of a Friends group for FFST came from FLJSP!