MTA Annual Meeting

The McDowell Trails Association held their annual membership meeting on July 20 at the Joseph McDowell Catawba Greenway Amphitheater. F3ST Executive Director Beth Heile was invited as the guest speaker. In addition to updating MTA on the progress of the Fonta Flora State Trail, Beth thanked MTA for paving the way for F3ST, so to speak.

Because the Association has done such incredible work and is so respected by McDowell County and Marion, it has made it easier for F3ST to come in and get the same treatment. Beth also thanked MTA for being supportive with MTA members  joining F3ST, attending the Hike & Learns and co-sponsoring hikes. She said the two groups will always compliment each other and work together.

MTA has donated $25K for the Dog Park at the Old Fort Trailhead Park and has raised money for FFST trailhead signs at 3 locations.

Ensuring the groups are working together will be easy. MTA President Steve Pierce also serves on the F3ST Executive Committee.

Photo Credit: John Sacco