Strategic Meetings Complete

Getting a 100 mile trail completed in 10 years takes some planning. F3ST knows that and State Parks Trails Planner Smith Raynor knows that. With both wanting a schedule of trail roll out, strategic planning meetings started in March and finished in June. F3ST organized the meetings with each local government to discuss the Fonta Flora State Trail corridor in their jurisdiction and identify their top three priority segments.

Meetings were held in the local area for the counties and municipalities- McDowell, Burke-McDowell, Black Mountain, Buncombe and Asheville.

From the combined information, each jurisdiction will be able to see how the trail is progressing to make sure we meet our goal. A promotional map will be created for the public to understand where trail is located at this time and where trail will be built. It will also be a tremendous benefit to us all in promoting, fundraising and securing grants for the trail.