State Trails Coalition

F3ST President Bob Hunter and F3ST Executive Director Beth Heile have been core members of the Great State Trails Coalition since its inception in February 2020.

The group pushed the NC Year of the Trail 2023 bill that was sponsored by Representative Blackwell – and unanimously  passed. They also provided initial wording for a funding bill sponsored by Representatives Arp and Blackwell.

Currently, state funding for trails is moving forward along two avenues – Governor Roy Cooper’s budget and a House Bill. Since the General Assembly will be combining their budgets over the next several weeks, it is a great time for you to contact your Senator and Representative to stress the importance of including trail funding in the final budget.

The Great State Trails Coalition is a broad-based group of diverse organizations, agencies and supporters advocating for increased state investment in all types of trails statewide – hiking, paddle, mountain bike, equestrian, paved.