Old Fort Trail Sign – Old Hwy 70

Thanks to the generosity of the Allison land contribution and the work performed by Foothills Conservancy, the newest portion of the Fonta Flora State Trail will open soon.

It spans approximately three miles from the camp road leading to Camp Grier to Wolf Creek near the entrance to the Old Fort Picnic Area.

Along Old 70, there is a new trailhead with ample parking. Jennifer Billstrom, Velo Girl Rides, has been working with Steve Pierce of McDowell Trails Association to source signage that is consistent with the brand established in Burke County for the new trailhead and for Point Lookout Trail.

The photo of the design is compliments of Turtle Labs in Marion. This type of sign with a simpler post without the wrought iron vine will be used.

To support the efforts of McDowell Trails Association to add attractive and consistent branding to the McDowell sections of the FFST, please make a donation to the MTA via website or printed form