Old Fort Aldermen Support Trail

The Town of Old Fort Aldermen are very supportive of trails through town. At their March Meeting, they voted to allow the town to apply for a PARTF grant to help fund a FFST Trailhead and Park, to fund a park plan from Destination by Design Planning , host a public input meeting for feedback on the PARTF grant and park plan on March 22, and fund some more The G5 Trail Collective trails. This group understands what trails can do for the health of their citizens and their wallets and taking steps to become a Trail Town.

Blair Melton, McDowell County Planning, presented information regarding the PARTF grant and public input meeting. She also introduced Beth Heile, F3ST Executive Director, who thanked the board for supporting F3ST.  Tim Johnson, Destination by Design, was on hand to answer questions about the park plan.